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I create all types of visual content from animated explainer videos, logo animations, interviews, brand videos, social media content, animated website elements, and more. Each project is unique, so each solution is too. Let's explore the possibilities together.


A doctor isn't going to perform surgery before taking an x-ray, and a mechanic isn't going to start fixing your car before taking a look under the hood. Now I'm not a doctor or a mechanic, but when it comes to crafting an effective video, I always diagnose before I prescribe. This is why I kick-off every project with a facilitated discovery session. Together we uncover insights about your customer base and internal movers and shakers, as well as project-specific goals and benchmarks.  - let's lay it all on the table. The more we know, the more effectively we can identify a creative solution.

Motion Design

Motion design is where animation and graphic design meet. It helps us deliver complex or abstract ideas in a simple or direct way. I’m fluent in a wide range of animation styles and can help you create a video that adds vividness and energy to your story. Together we'll find the best way to communicate your message in not only the script, but also the choice of music, voice, colors, design, and even the flow of movement.

Live-Action Video

Live action video involves filming people or objects on location or green screen. No matter what kind of digital asset you're creating, live action provides an added element of realism and relatability. Let’s capture a slice of life and share it with your audience. Whether it's a live event, dynamic interviews, beautiful scenery; I'm here to make your production experience smooth and enjoyable.


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