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Sunset Transportation is a leading third party logistics (3PL) company based in St. Louis, MO that develops custom shipping solutions for businesses across numerous industries. Their company culture is full of energy and very team driven. Sunset places strong focus on real human interactions, which creates a positive and refreshing customer experience, especially in an industry that can be rather stiff and impersonal.


Develop Sunset's first company video to help increase visibility and communicate their brand philosophy. Maintain alignment with current marketing strategies: witty, professional, out of the box. Highlight the brand personality without getting bogged down with the details of each individual service offering.


A 2 minute animated explainer video for their website: an introduction to Sunset and their "5 Promises. The goal was to make logistics less intimidating. An added touch of humor helped imbue the video with a casual, approachable feeling. In the end, we created a simplified message with a contemporary flair.

Plan of attack

Before moving into production we kicked things off with a deep dive into the logistics business. Over a one-day facilitated discovery session, I worked with the great people at Sunset to surface challenges the organization faced. In the process, we prioritized the needs and goals of the business and their customers.This became the foundation that would inform every decision throughout the video's creation.

Discovery session results

the Customers

Sunset serves a wide range of clients. Together we developed unique user profiles to help us craft a targeted message and determine who this video is for. The goal of this stage is to really understand the needs and wants of the customer so we can build true empathy, depth, and value into the video.

Sunset User Traits

Price Driven

Defining the Brand

After covering what they do and how they do it; we then asked the big question of WHY. Through a series of exercises we defined and prioritized the core values that make up the brand's personality. This helped us paint a clear picture of how it should look, sound, and feel.

Brand Attributes

Team Driven

Character Design


The Logo

One of the specific objectives during this phase was to create a reusable Sunset Transportation logo animation. An animated logo helps build brand recognition, and creates consistency throughout company videos. The finished sunset animation was delivered as a simple video layer that could easily be attached to any future content.

Client Feedback

"Sunset was introduced to David Probst through a trusted referral, and we couldn’t be happier with our entire video experience.  From start to finish, David guided us through brand and message goal-setting, content creation, and design implementation.  His open style of communication and creativity were a great fit with our production team, and the result was a highly-customized explainer video that truly captured the essence of Sunset’s business practices, and our sometimes silly personality.  We can’t wait to work with David again, and to share more great work with the masses! "

Kacey Schaeffer,
Director of Marketing

The Midwest Cafe Racing Association, also known as MCRA, is a non profit racing community that gives anyone with a motorcycle a chance to experience the thrills you can only get from riding on a track. But racer attendance was below average this season, mainly because they weren't attracting many new riders. Potential riders were’t aware of what makes MCRA unique; a community that truly caters to every level of rider.

The Challenge

Together we worked to understand member pain points. For a new rider or street rider, getting on the track can seem intimidating and many other organizations have numerous barriers to entry. Many experienced riders just want to race without the pressure and obligations as they move up the ranks. MCRA wanted to send an invitation to the motorcycle community that ALL riders are welcome. Bringing the focus back to just riding hard and having fun.

The Solution

MCRA’s communication methods were primarily word of mouth, which explains why their reach was limited. They did have an official Facebook page, and it turns out that their event posts were getting a decent amount of engagement. We decided to push deeper into this untapped channel by creating a brand introduction video. This video would be accompanied with supporting copy and promoted to their target audience prior to the upcoming event.

The Final Result

We pulled together quickly and our efforts resulted in a short splashy promo that generated over 14k views and helped fill the roster for their upcoming event. It also received a lot of attention from the existing community and sparked a new sense of pride and enthusiasm from all of the members.

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